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Lord Acton Quote “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts
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Corruption of power is an issue that has plagued societies throughout history. It is a phenomenon where individuals in positions of authority abuse their power for personal gain, often at the expense of others. In this article, we will explore some thought-provoking quotes on corruption of power that shed light on this pervasive problem in our world today.

1. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." - Lord Acton

This famous quote by Lord Acton highlights the inherent danger of unchecked power. When individuals have absolute power, they are more likely to succumb to corruption, as there are no checks and balances to hold them accountable.

2. "The measure of a man is what he does with power." - Plato

Plato's quote emphasizes the importance of character when it comes to wielding power. It implies that true leaders are those who use their power responsibly and in the best interest of their communities, rather than for personal gain.

3. "Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power." - John Steinbeck

Steinbeck's quote delves into the psychological aspect of corruption. It suggests that it is not power itself that corrupts individuals, but rather the fear of losing that power. This fear can drive individuals to engage in unethical and corrupt practices to maintain their position.

4. "Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency." - Unknown

This quote succinctly defines corruption as the combination of authority, monopoly, and a lack of transparency. When those in power have the sole control over resources or decision-making processes without being held accountable, corruption can thrive.

5. "Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power." - George Bernard Shaw

Shaw's quote suggests that it is not power itself that corrupts individuals, but rather the character of those who hold power. It implies that individuals who lack wisdom and moral principles are more prone to corruption when given authority.

6. "The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse." - Edmund Burke

Burke's quote emphasizes the correlation between power and the potential for abuse. It suggests that the more power one possesses, the greater the likelihood of abusing it, highlighting the need for checks and balances within governance systems.

7. "Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a-rolling it must increase." - Charles Caleb Colton

This quote uses a vivid metaphor to illustrate the nature of corruption. Like a snowball rolling downhill, corruption tends to grow and gain momentum over time if left unchecked, leading to widespread societal damage.

8. "The duty of youth is to challenge corruption." - Kurt Cobain

Cobain's quote highlights the role of the younger generation in combating corruption. It suggests that the youth have a responsibility to question and challenge corrupt practices, ultimately fostering a more transparent and just society.

9. "Corruption is the enemy of development." - Pratibha Patil

Patil's quote emphasizes the detrimental impact of corruption on societal progress. When resources are misappropriated or diverted for personal gain, it hinders development efforts, perpetuating poverty and inequality.

10. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of corruption is for good people to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

This powerful quote by Edmund Burke reminds us of the importance of taking a stand against corruption. It suggests that passive acceptance of corrupt practices allows them to thrive, and it is the responsibility of individuals with integrity to actively oppose them.


These quotes on corruption of power provide valuable insights into the nature and consequences of corruption in society. They remind us of the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of holding those in authority accountable. By reflecting on these quotes, we can foster a greater awareness and understanding of the need to combat corruption in all its forms.

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