National Lottery Campaign 'The Big Win' - Studio AKA

I modelled parts of this room, title, did layout, animated bed covers.


Modelled all the characters bar the main figure, and animated the hairy fella.


Another shot showing the character models plus the policeman.


Nicktoons Promo Sequence - Studio AKA

Modelled and rigged all of the characters in this promo.


Planters - Studio AKA

Animated all background characters using mocap clip placement.


Pontiac - Studio AKA

Animated various sections of the car body coming together. Helped with the layout and pitch using Rigid Body Dynamics.


Walkers - Studio AKA

Modelled the two end characters, rigged all of them.

Animated chains in previous shot, and added water simulation using particles.


Lloyds - Studio AKA

Layout, Modelling, Animation of train, camera and building.


Tena - Studio AKA

Modelled a skirt to behave realistically, and animated using Syflex cloth simulation.


Nicktoons Bubblegum - Studio AKA

Modelled and rigged everything.


H Samuels - Studio AKA

Modelling and facial rigging


Varmints - Studio AKA

Face rig for hero and female lead character, rigging and walk cycles for crowd